Re: Warlocks in BGs

On Dec 6, 5:39 am, Catriona R <catrionarNOS...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Been pvping a fair bit on my belf lock and trying to come up with a
suitable build for her - I was aiming towards SL/SL but have recently
started hitting a problem, in that I run oom all the time :-( Draining
life/lifetap works well enough in smaller BGs but in AV nothing stays alive
long enough for me to get much health back so I spend more time
eating/bandaging than actually fighting, obviously not too practical! I've
already got one full affliction lock and don't really want a clone, plus
I've come to like demonology, so I'm looking for comments on this possible
hybrid build:

that means you're throwing too much stuff around. Blow someone up,
lifetap/darkpact and for your next few targets, just drain life a few
people that are being group mauled.

plus it makes you less conspicuous.