Re: How to Improve in PvP Play

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AKA, Why do I suck so much?
I have one green left (Oshu-gun Relic trinket), five blues (Crystal
Pulse shield, Blessed Book of Nagrand relic, Khorium pants and belt,
and the Medallion of the Horde). The other 11 items are epic PvP gear
(4/5 pieces of the S1 Gladiator's Aegis, Veteran's gear, Gladiator's
Gavel). So it's not my gear; it's me. I just suck. :-)

Naah... now that you're past the gear gap issue, it's a matter of
finding out what makes your opponent "tick". PVP in WoW is made of 25%
gear, 25% theory, 25% execution and 25% mind games.

I mentioned many things about rogues there, but the same thing goes
for every class except maybe warriors who have approximately zero
useful defensive moves in PVP. Simply put, you need to kill them
before they kill you. Nuke them every time you get the chance and stay
away from the dreaded 20% health range. Their health needs to go down
faster than yours.