Re: I love the new patch

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I have to say I've been looking forward to this patch since it was
first rumored and I'm quite happy it is in.

I have major altitis. I have about 5 characters >= 40 and only 1 70 so
you can see i end up running the same areas a lot. I enjoy trying out
the different classes but i get really bored killing barrens or stv
for the 50th time. Well thank all for 2.3.

Last night i got on my Dwarf warrior (my first alliance toon in
probably a year and a half) and managed to level him from 40-43 in one
Tuesday night. That is a record for me. Usually im lucky to get a
level at that range on a week day. I power-quest following a guide
many have heard of but i wont advertise cause i dont wanna be spamming
fomr someone else. For what its worth i leveled my main without the
assistance of said guide so it's more of a convienance than anything.
Anyway its all quests and with 20-60 quest xp up the levels just flew

Anyone else manage to get a lot done last night? For the first time in
weeks im really looking forward to getting out of work to go home and
get a couple more knotches on his belt.

I like some of the rogue changes they have made, in particular
shadowstep. I like the fact that I don't have to be in stealth mode
anymore and that any special attack will get the 20% bonus.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Even the little purley asthetic things are cool. Like the fact that
when you mouse over an inkeeper your cursor has a hearthstone on it,
or a flight master has that winged booty thingy.

I could see leveling being too easy for true newbies. But i don't
think many will complain. For someone who has ran everything a bunch
of times im ready to just do it fast so i can move on to outlands.

Also some guildies ran VC and the drops were way better than before.
They picked up 8 blue drops in 1 run and it was all new stuff.