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On 2007-11-04, Mr Murloc <none@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
What are the best addons out at the moment?

That depends extremely on your play style and need for

I used to use CT mod and titan panel but not sure if people use them
anymore, it all seems to be about these Fu bars!

FuBar is a Ace2-Addons.
There are quite a bunch of them, and all can be neatly installed
and kept upgraded by the Windows Ace Updater (WAU) downloadable at

Many Ace2-Addons provide interfaces to FuBar, so I'd recommend it
too. I have only Auctioneer left as non-Ace-Application, just
because of the simple WAU.

I need just general stuff like unitframes, bar mods etc and any neat mods
like atlas loot, gatherer, quest information, threat meter etc

Unitframes: agUnitFrages
Bar Mods: Bartender
Atlas Loot: is already ace2
Gatherer: Cartographer _Herbalism, _Mining and of course _Data
Quest Information: QuestFu
ThreatMeter: Omen (can work with KTM data, but it's better)

FuBar with the "standard" addons for Location, XP, Durability, and
of course the Clock for not forgetting the time :)
You'll love GarbageFu.

Prat gives nice chat options, including URL highlighting for
copy&paste into your browser.

I like AutoBar for Bandages, Health and Mana Potions and so on

Buffalo can change your buff displays

InFlight shows the estimated time of arrival while using a taxi
service (Gryphon/Wind Rider), so you know how long you can be afk.

Recount is a onsizefitsall Damage Meter based on the Omen data.

Grid is a great addon for healers, but maybe not as useful for you
as a warrior.

Capping displays PvP battleground informations and timers.
Proximo is a must-have for Arena matches. Show your opponents as
soon as someone in your team does a mouseover and can set clicks to

Blizzard has some combat text options build-in by now, but I still
like sct - Scrolling Combat Text and sctd for my damage.

BigWigs is a great raid bossmod, with LittleWigs as 5man-instance
addon for timers, warnings and such.

Nice little helpers:
AltClickToAddItem - for multiple mails or trades, no drag n drop
DynRepBar - show your reputation bar depending on the last faction
you gained rep for.
DontBugMe - see afk and dnd messages only once
Cosplay - undress button in the dressing room

Any warrior mods I need to have?

Some weapon swapping mod would be good, I suppose, to switch
between dualwield, 2h and 1h+shield depending on situations and

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