Re: Things every mage thinks every non-mage should know.

On Jun 18, 12:37 pm, Remelak <FrisbeeJun...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I fully encourage anyone to write these (I would really like one for
Priests) for EVERY class.

How about "things players want other players to know",
regardless of class :-)

As in:

1) Sometimes I make mistakes. When this happens, I know
that I have made a mistake and will try to do better next
time. Being yelled at does not help this process.

2) You don't need to show the damage meter after every

3) Make sure your parents will let you stay up long
enough to finish the instance.

4) When you're in a group, there is not a race to
get to the end of the instance. Wait for everyone
before moving on. A full rage bar is nice, but it's
even better to have someone heal you even if that
means letting all that rage die down.

5) If you're bored, don't pull the next group if you
are not the designated puller or tank. Especially
don't do this if you're wearing cloth.

6) If you're in a group, stay with the group. If you
want to solo and explore on your own, then don't do
this inside a dungeon. Pullers should pull the enemies
back to the group, the group shouldn't have to run up
to the enemies (it's calling "pulling" not "pushing").

7) Instances are harder than they look. Sure, you may
be soloing those two elites just fine now, but when
something goes a little wrong and you've got 8 all
aggroed you won't be so happy. Treat every encounter
as a potentially deadly one and don't rush things
just because you think you're dealing with trash.
I see more groups wipe on easier stuff than the hard
stuff because of this.

8) Don't shout "HEAL!" after the healer is dead. You
should have appreciated the healer earlier.

9) Don't ask "can I get a rez please?" First look and
see if any of the players who can rez are still alive.
That's what those big icons to the left are. If there
is someone who's alive who can rez, then they need to
wait for their mana to regenerate; they have not
forgotten about you. After you are rezzed, wait until
you have full health before aggroing the next enemy...

10) Non-tanks should have an appropriate position
during combat. Melee DPSers should attack from behind;
less chance of blocking or parrying. Ranged DPSers
should attack from a distance, healers should heal
from a distance; this generates a lot less aggro.

11) Tanks should be acting like tanks. Druids use
bear form (duh). Warriors and paladins should use
shields and one-handed weapons; your job is not to
do DPS and prove how you can pwn these guys. Also
use defensive stance and righteous fury. Tanks
should try to aggro all enemies that are in combat
nearby (unless you have an off-tank); don't focus on
just one.

12) If you're the group leader, then use raid icons.
Mark enemies to be crowd controlled and which ones to
focus damage on. If you aren't comfortable with this,
which I hear as an excuse a lot, then promote someone
else to leader.

13) Make loot rules clear before starting the instance.
There is no such thing as "standard loot rules". If no
one explicitly says "pass on bind-on-pickup", then don't
be upset if someone selects "greed".

14) If you leave the group, let the group know why.
Don't just leave without a word because you think the
group is lame and won't last. At the very least lie
and make up a lame excuse.

15) The other characters you see are people. They've
got feelings. They also have their own goals, which
do not always include being your lackey. We don't
all want to summon you, listen to your shouts, join
your group, enchant your gear, or make some specialized
piece of armor for you; so don't get all mad and
abusive when this doesn't happen.

16) Most people think duels are stupid. Ask someone
if they want to duel before challenging them. If
that person doesn't want to duel, then move on;
making chicken noises will not change their minds
and will only convince them that you're still in
junior high school. If you actually *are* in junior
high school, then try to pretend that you're not.

17) Your female character is not "hawt". We don't need
to see them dancing on the mailbox. We've already seen
all races and genders dancing in their underwear already,
yours is not going to show us anything new. While we're
on the subject; I'm pretty sure that your female bank
alt can afford clothes.

Darn Johnson