Paladin aggro management

Need some advice on how to get and hold aggro with a level 28 Paladin.
Was in Stockades yesterday and was often losing aggro, especially
after I switched to a shield for more survivability. Even with single
It's not like I can say "let me get a sunder up before attacking".
minor area-of-effect spell with holy damage doesn't cause much aggro
even with righteous fury turned on. The judgement of righteousness
does get their attention, but I can't use it very often. When there
were several enemies around, I'd try to spread out damage, but I
cause so little damage compared to others that that doesn't seem
to do much. The righteous defense works, but it's difficult to use
(takes a few seconds to click on the right target in the chaos of
battle) and the aggro is lost again very quickly.

I had forgotten about the blessing of salvation, which I could have
put on some of the nukers or healers.

So what tactics should I be using to grab and hold aggro when
I'm tanking?

Darin Johnson