Endgame blues

Hmm, in a bit of a weird mood today, so I'm probably more down over this
than I would otherwise be, but I already feel like I'm running out of
endgame options :-/

My guild's raiding Karazhan and Gruul constantly, and while there's a few
of us social members who don't raid, there aren't enough to get many 5-mans
going while the rest raid... if any do happen, I have to play my priest and
not my rogue, which is alright in a way, as I specifically rolled a priest
to be able to help get small groups going while raids are on, but my rogue
is the character I really want to be playing more, and he never gets a shot

I'm already feeling myself left behind gearwise, and know it'll only get
worse as others get raid gear and I'm still in dungeon blues, same as it
was before TBC, but now I've had a taste of being on a par with others it
hurts knowing I'm falling behind. Trouble is I just don't want to spend
loads of time on raiding; it isn't fun to me. I ended up doing ZG a bit
before TBC, as I had simply nothing else left to do, and it was alright,
sure, so I could probably live with going to Karazhan on a casual basis as
well. But I don't want to be the leech who only goes to instances on farm
to get free epics... yet there's just no way I could face the fulltime job
that serious raiding is. Farming buffs, raiding 6 days a week, wiping over
and over... that's my idea of torture, not fun.

But I can't help feeling very left out, when so many of my friends do raid
and so aren't available most of the time, and I can't even find anything
else to do. Anyone got any suggestions for stuff I can actually do on my
rogue to have some fun? At the moment about all I do is farming primals to
make things, but as I've got leatherworking to 375 and need to hit lucky
with a primal nether drop to make any more of my epic crafted set, there's
not even much point in farming that now. I'm already exalted with the
Aldor; I've done every soloable or duoable quest in Outland, I can never
find any groups with space for me as dps for any instances so can't farm
rep with most factions... um, yeah, I'm stuck.

I've still got a bit I can do on my priest, at least (2.5 zones of quests
and plenty of instance runs... at least she's wanted!), and I do have other
alts, but I started questing on my hunter in Outland and just couldn't get
any motivation for it - I've quested from 60-70 three times already in the
last 3 months, and can't face it again right now. Nor do I have any other
alts I really fancy playing, so I spend a lot of time sitting in Shattrath
doing nothing... just like I used to spend lots of time sitting in IF doing
nothing :-(

It's annoying; before TBC I wasn't so unhappy with soloing and being behind
everyone, but having had a couple of months of doing the same things as
guildmates and working together, I'm really not wanting to go back to how
it was before... and it's clearly headed that way. I was talking about it
to a friend earlier, and he was trying to persuade me to join raids, but I
don't really want to; it's just not fun for me. Trouble is if I don't soon
I'll be left behind too much to catch up, just like I was before TBC...
Balgair - Human Rogue (lvl 70)
Naomh - Draenei Priest (lvl 70)
Sagart - Undead Priest (lvl 60)
Sealgair - Dwarf Hunter (lvl 60)
Sgoildubh - Human Mage (lvl 50)

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