hahaha first molten core run as warrior


well, level 58 protection warrior, 30 fire resistance, 3700 life
unbuffed, 310 defense, 6200 armour, ready for action? yeah, right.

So here we go, I choosed to take it easy in most cases, unsure about
the aggro range of a level 58 in that place, but it turned out I was a
lot too careful. Besides the first surger/corehounds patrols, and
besides that imp cave, there is no way a 58 can ninja-pull something -
at least not any more than someone else.

Role in raid:
I would tank imps, lava spawns, and stay besides the casters to taunt
surgers/annihilators when they get loose out of range of melee. DPS on

Damage taken:
I died once. to a loose Molten Destroyer, after the MT got punted. I
picked him out, blocked a couple hits, got stunned and was squished
with a crushing blow.

Damage dealt:
I got nice execute crits, but "out of rage", "not enough rage", etc.

Avoiding the fear at Magmadar was trivial.
I got mind controlled 6 times during the Lucifron fight. The adds are
really dumb to mind control me, as I was by far the weakest in raid.

last but not least: I was lucky enough to receive the bracers and boots
of Might, too bad I can't even equip them yet :D