Re: EMERGENCY!! Trapped in Dun Algaz! Explain Escape Route Please!!

"WheeZ50" <wheez50.anonymous@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Vladesch wrote:
Real RP - sorry :-S

Swim to westfall. Buy a portal. get a summon.

Getting a portal shouldnt be too hard from menethil. Just wait
around on the southern dock at about 5pm server time, and you will
see plenty of lvl 60 mages waiting for the boat.

Dont expect it to be free, tho you could quite well find someone

Then my other solutions are better ones. I mean RP as in Role-Play.

I assumed you meant role play. I dont see any RP issues with swimming to
westfall or buying a portal.

but yeah, just running and rezzing is a better solution.


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