Re: Getting rep with WSG and AB

PV wrote:
"Devast8or" <invalid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
What's the best way to increase my rep with WSG and AB? Yes, actually going

1) Win. you get a boost in rep for every token turnin. 2) kill stuff. You
get a point of rep for every enemy that dies. 3) In AB, hold lots of
points. You get some rep every minute or so for every point you're holding.
If you get a 5 cap, you'll be seeing that +11 rep (silverwing sentinels) a
LOT. 4) In WSG, capture the flags - there's a rep boost for every point

Gaining reputation in WSG and especially AB seems to be really easy these
days - I don't BG that much (I only do it with an all-guild premade team),
but even then I'm almost to friendly with the silverwing. *
* PV something like badgers--something like lizards--and something
like corkscrews.

*The information here may be inaccurate*
Arathi Basin
You get 10 rep per 200 points obtained. So you can obtain up to 100 rep
You get another 50 for turning in 3 tokens

Warsong Gultch
You get 35 rep per cap.
You get another 50 for turning in 3 tokens

Note: If you turn in the tokens via concerted effort, you get double
the rep.

You get no reputation for killing your enemies. You get honor for that
which counts towards your ranking. But that's another story.