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What techniques has everyone used to cash up fast? I've read a few
guides (PDF which unscrupulous people sell for $$) which I downloaded
from p2p networks, they all involved teleport hacks or stupid
information which should be common sense. E.g. a PDF called "secrets of
chinese gold farming - 5000g + p/hr" is just things like "mine thorium
for arcane crystals.
Things that I've found work well are the following:

Nice tips :-)


Buy blue items on the AH which are suitable for "twinking" these are
usually imbalanced items which have levels ending with 8 or 9 (e.g. 28,
39) as they are the "best" equipment for characters in those BG
One in particular that I've found is thunderwood, I can bid/buyout
around 8g and sell for ~25 - this is how I made my first 20g at level

Good one, I'm in the habit of watching the AH and always checking for rare
items at cheap prices, although generally I just buy the ones that one of
my many characters can use. But occasionally spotting a bargain and
relisting is a good earner.

I'm really bad at that one.

The other day, I tried to make the prices of Large brilliant shards
rise a bit: I realized they were all sold for 5-6g, some for 7g. I
bought them all, and put some back up for auction at 8g.

Now I have 26 large brilliant shards lying in my bank, I spent close to
200g doing that, and only sold like 10 or 12 shards for 8g or so before
the prices went back to normal. I think I potentially made maybe 1%
profit - if only I could sell my shards faster than I collect them,
that is. I can't put them all back for auction, because it would make
the prices lower :S

On the other hand, as far as twink items are concerned, clear
shadowfang keep repeatedly: there drop a very nice blue boe dagger for
rogue twinks that sell for like 100g on my server. Or run the deadmines
a couple times if you're horde, wool cloth sell like crazy, 1g a stack.

Note silk cloth also sell well (80-90s a stack), so clearing the SM is
very profitable too.


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