Re: What are those big floating things outside IF and Stormwind?

On Tue, 11 Jul 2006 01:24:46 -0500, That Guy wrote:
The floating structures that have large crystals hanging from them--what are

They are part of the Scourge invasion, a world event that came with the
introduction of Naraxxas (sp?), the new raid instance. I think they are
called 'Necropolis'. They not only appear outside the captial cities but
also around the world (mostly I believe in EPL, Tanaris, WS, BS, maybe some

They spawn a crystal on the ground and send down undead. Everytime you kill
an undead, the life of the crystal decreases some. When it's dead, the
necropolis also disappears (they will respawn at a random location some time

Once 150 necropolises have been destroyed on a server, the invasion stops
(happened a week ago on my server).

Killing these spawns not only gets you AD reputation, they also drop some
runes that can be turned in with AD (either in the EPL or the captial
cities) for rewards.

I am not sure about the invaders to the capital cities, but those out in the
zones are lvl 60, so unless you are close to that level range, the event
will most likely not bring you much.


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