Re: HDTV Text Too Small

think about trading in your rear projector for a HP xp7030 digital projector. I've
"silvered" a 9 foot by 6 foot area of my computer den wall and run my HP d4500y (ati x
1600xt) thru the xp7030 that. All lights out of course.

you'll probably have to wait for the n-blid-tea-ah and ATI DX 10 boards to hit the market
for HDTV spec'ed usage.

I'd say at this point - change your 1176x664 to something compatable with the HDTV
standard - that strange video size is most likely what is killing your WoW text right out
of the video card, since the "text" in WoW appears to be "graphics".

Hope this helps,

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"John Lamar" <john.lamar@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
: I'm playing on my rear projection with a Nvidia 7600 GT and it looks
: great. Of course being rear projection and 43" @ 1176x664 things like
: quest text and item details are too small for normal human eyes.
: I've installed the clearfont UI addon, but that only modifies some
: text. Is the rest of the text expandable? Can I scale the entire UI
: over 1? Zooming to 1.3 to 1.5 times magnification works great with
: other apps (IE 7, Opera, Firefox, Windows' own Font DPI settings.).
: Sorry to ramble, I just would like to see what I'm buying, selling and
: partying up with. I'm a straight n00b at this point in WoW
: In fact, I'm having problems all over with application text sizes.
: Vista was supposed to solve this, but the install has flaked every time
: I've tried it.
: Any help would be great - I can provide any details you may need
: further on.... just ask.

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