Re: First real PvP kill! Woot!

Happybattles wrote:
Satyr blood was the only easy part. I had a lvl 53 guildie help me
with the elementals.

Just pull with a dot and back up to let your void take the aggro, then
the rest of your dots. If you're careful you can pull one at a time.
You're going to have to kill a ton of them to get any blood though.

The satyrs were fun because I enslaved the highest level satyr I could
find and he did 1/2 of the fighting - I just dotted and healed him. 9
bottles in < 10 mins. 10th required 5 more mins. (Isn't that
irritating? .. got 95% of whatever and the last drop takes forever and
a day.)

Pulled out Imp (hadn't shardfarmed lately) Wandered arpund Desolace,
headed South. I found Mannoroc and saw 2 Elementals, the Demon lord and
3 Nether Maidens. I avoided the maidens but one aggro'd - I used Curse
of the Elements, Sear and Immolation. She got me down to 3/5 health but
regained fast, I headed for nearest Infernal Elemental on map (I had
sense demons on and elementals show on this.) At first tried normal
tactics: Corruption (lvl 4) Immolation (lvl 4), CoElements, Sear,
Shadowbolt, Fire wand.


DUH they are fire elementals! Didn't do too bad; Corrptn and Shadowbolt
hit - imp was doing nothing and these boys have high armor or hp.
SUGAR! Ok try again (health potion) - Corruption, CoA, Shadowbolt,
Shadow Wand. Bang now we were cooking with gas: 1st attack took him
down 1/8 of hp, 2nd now knocked him to 1/2 hp.. I had the answer - low
shadow resistance! Did C,CoA,SB,SWand,SB and BOOM - gone - pile o'

Loot the sucker, lifeless stone and Infernal Talisman! I went on to
kill 2 more elementals and a Nether Maiden (480xp and 390xp, I had a
little grinding to do :) ) I popped 35 YAY, and needed armor repair, so
hearthed to Southshore and boogied on Gryphon to Booty Bay (I keep
wanting to type 'Botany Bay'.) Logged for night.

Seemingly not everyone has this easy a time, but I am truly glad it
was.. and enslaving the Satyr felt good!