Re: 2 questions

"Caeryn Dryad of Whisperwind" <tierrie@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
No healing. No auras. No buffing. No hitting the Demon. No bombs. No
traps after the fight has begun.
Buffing before the fight is fine.

Right. One of our guild's hunters used a neat trick on the last demon (in
silithus) - she engaged me in a duel, and I cast a (level 1) curse of
recklessness on her. In exchange for losing a small amount of armor (not
needed anyway because it's a ranged fight), she was protected from all fear
effects. The only tricky part was that I had to stay within duel range, so I
was doing a bit of running to keep the hunter between the me and the demon.
Still, it was pretty fun to watch.

The only thing you really can do is clear the surrounding area of mobs
so the hunter has a free reign to kite.

Yeah, and you have to be careful even then - snag any wanderers and run as
far from the battle as you can without them boomeranging. Or better yet,
just clear the immediate area first as you said. *
* PV something like badgers--something like lizards--and something
like corkscrews.