Re: Priest getting out of combat during fight?

"murdocj" <temp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
We had a group trying to take down an elite the other nite. Had 2
priests in the group (mine dwarf and another), both low on mana. The
tank said something about "get out of combat and drink". I should
have asked him but things were kinda busy, and we ended up surviving
anyway, but now I'm wondering - how does a priest "get out of combat"?
I think some classes can pull that off by feigning death, but I don't
have that. What other options are there?

None that I've noticed. Your options are, as you noted, limited.

If you are not in an instance, and can get far enough away, you might be
able to break combat before the rest of your group, but rarely.

Sometimes mobs come in waves, and it is possible to start drinking as soon
as the wave is done.

Sometimes mobs can be pulled 'almost' consecutively, if the rest of the
group waits for you to start to drink, and the tanks can handle the mobs
until you are ready to heal. That kind of fast fighting is fun and exciting,
but requires a lot of communication - if a pull happens too soon, you will
not be able to drink, and a full battle might go on without your having