Re: Am I on track? level / armour / gold / reputation

"Carl Randall" <a@xxxxx> wrote in message
>I have been saving as much as possible with my current char and have only
>managed to get 8g with my level 27 character. You must have got some pretty
>expensive stuff to sell at the AH which is way above your level to get that
>amount of moola if you don't go grinding :)

While 48 G is really good for a single level 28 char, you might want to
speed up the pace if you only have 8G on your 27 warrior. After all, your
first mount expense is coming up soon :-)

Four words for you..... Vendor Trash, and AH Mule
--Pick up and sell EVERYTHING. Get the biggest bags you can afford to hunt
with and do not discard the greys unless you are out of room.
--Have an alternate character and run them to the Ironforge Auction House.
Send all the greens to that mule to sell at the AH. The advantages to doing
things this way, is that the mule is ALWAYS near the AH. And your main
continues questing and grinding.

And if you reroll, consider this tactic (from a series of great guides by
someone named NoGame - see!orderBy= Smart
muling, the first in the series)
--Put TWO gathering skills on your main. Skinning and Mining, or Skinning
and Herbalism (so you don't have to swap out between find minerals and find
herbs). Store what you will need for your eventual profession (if you can
wait till 35, you can level your profession and max it out in a few hours,
if you have the mats stored for levelling).