Re: Flesh heals

"Thomas J. Boschloo" <nospam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Fugwump wrote:
>>>I use heavy wool bandage now (l30 druid), but is doesn't work well and I
>>>can't figure out why. The flesh heal stops after only a few seconds
>>>(1-2) en doesn't heal as much as heavy linnen used to do. My guess is
>>>that I get interrupted but the reason I want to flesh heal is that there
>>>are too many mobs on us anyway and I rather moonfire and perserve my
>>>(run out of) mana for some rejuvination and regrowth later on in the
>>>Also, does an interrupted heal spell cost the caster mana?
>> At level 30 you should be using heavy silk bandages if you want to heal
>> any
>> decent amount, I'm level 29 and its what I'll be using once I get the
>> book.
>> Wool is generally alot more valuable than silk, don't waste too much of
>> it
>> on bandages.
> I have been turning it in at Oggrimar in order for it to be possible to
> get a wolf as a mount.
>> A interrupted heal spell uses no mana, and if you haven't cast another
>> spell
>> within 5 seconds you will continue to regenerate mana.
> This is good to know.
> I asked because I got yelled by a priest whom I consider very capable
> when I healed his target before he did. I thought I cost him mana or
> something.. Now I know this is not the case..

Actually, unless he is using a mod such as the mana-saver part of
CTRaidAssist, then your casting a heal on someone wont interrrupt his heal
so you are both using mana healing the same person. A spell is only
interrupted if you are hit/take damage or you or a mod you are using stops
it, same with bandages. And also be aware that DoTs (including poisons)
will also interrupt when they 'tick'.


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