Re: Need Help- Desolace-Gelkis Village Uthek The Wise Quest

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>>> My first issue is that I can't find Uthek. I thought maybe I had to
>>> kill some Magram before she would appear, so I killed three of them
>>> and went back to Gelkis Camp and still cant find her. I take it from
>>> the quest description that I do not need to go back into their mine to
>>> look for her as it says she is on the outskirts (I take that to mean
>>> not in the mine).
>>Uthek is inside a tent, the farthest one to the north, near the road that
>>to the sea near the troll/horde base.
>>> One additional wquestion:
>>> Under my REPUTATION in my CHARACTER INFO, both Gelkis and Magram Clans
>>> say neutral and have check boxes...both checked. How does this work?
>>> What happens if you uncheck one?
>>If you want to be friendly with the Gelkis Clan, then uncheck the 'At War'
>>button next to them... so you can't accidentally attack one of them by
>>clicking on them. If you have the 'At War' box unchecked, you can't
>>attack them at all unless you re-check it.
>> -Marshall
> Thanks for the help...I found her.
> I thought I had made a good amount of kills and went back to
> dice...must take a bit more.
> Is there a way to tell from the color of the bars (say brown gets to
> be red) or maybe when all the repuation is gone from Mangrams? I can
> keep going but would like to have some way to tell if I am gettin
> close.
Press U and when you get friendly with the opposite you are there.
> Thanks