Re: New 1.08 druid talents published by blizzard

Max wrote:
> Stavros Christoforou wrote:
>>BTW, the whole idea behind Tranquility is this: 80% uninterruptible is
>>USELESS, since we got barkskin. However, now with talents you can have
>>80+20=100% aggro-free Tranquility. With the cooldown reduced to 5 mins
>>(2.5 mins with cenarion set), Tranquility can be used much more now than
>>before. Just think about it, you now get an aggro-free spell that can
>>crit for a total of 10k heals every 5-mins max. Not bad, eh?
> Cooldown will be reduced to 5 minutes? where u got this information? (i
> know about the cenarion set bonus, but 2,5 minutes cooldown with set
> would be impressive).

Caydiem (blizzard rep) said so in the US druid forums