Re: 2 accounts 1 computer

AlphaWoolf wrote:
> My wife has recently started playing WoW. We have found out that
> since her character and my character are on the same account we'll
> never get a chance to play the game simultaneously. We need to get 2
> accounts to avoid her levelling up a character that will ultimately
> never get used.
> At the moment we do not have 2 PCs but we'd like to get her characters
> off to a good start in their own account. I would think we would be
> able to login into the the separate accounts through the same
> software, but how do you get this set up? At some point I need to get
> the details of the second account set up so it can be logged onto. My
> current installation doesn't give the option to create an account.
> The manual and Blizzard website don't seem to mention this kind of
> arrangement. I really don't want to have 2 separate installations on
> the same PC, or is that necessary?
> Gnuthulhu
> Thunderhorn(US)
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As I believe you need a SN in order to create an account, you need to
buy a new WoW box for the second account. Create the account, and then,
when one of you wants to login, just put your own account name and
password in the login screen.