Re: Mage Advice

Chizel wrote:
> Through use of it I have found that this spell [pyroblast] can only really be used
> effectivly when soloing.

I agree.

> Even when soloing its only really any use as an opening attack before
> the mob knows you are there
> because of the casting time & cooldown time.
> This is fine, but I am getting really frustrated with mobs that wander
> out of range 5 seconds into casting,
> and the reverse where mobs wander into your aggro range before the
> spell casts.
> Has anybody got any tips on how to best use this spell?

I've got a 34 mage currently grinding in Thousand Needles. I'm
experimenting with an Arcane/Fire build, but I put all of my initial
points into Fire (Pyroblast among them), and have just recently started
building my arcane tree.

After much experimentation (with the caveat that I've done very little
PvP with this mage), I've decided that there are only two practical
uses for Pyroblast:

1. As an opening shot with very slow or stationary mobs. You have
already observed this. (Also it's not that much more powerful than my
regular fireballs right now, so I rarely use it for this purpose
2. As vengeance for when you're dealing with a mob and another one
(usually a bird) sneaks up behind you and starts nibbling at your neck.

Here's how the second case works. While engaging mob A, mob B attacks
you from behind. You polymorph mob B and finish off mob A. Then you
immediately run a safe distance and start casting Pyroblast on poor ol'
mob B. The mob usually unsheeps just long enough to see the flaming
boulder that's about to smack him in the face. It's quite satisfying.

> My second question is.
> Mana shield lasts for 1 minute, but will absorb 120 points of damage.
> I am struggling to see when the 120 points of damage have been used up
> as the timer still appears to be counting down.
> Is there a more effective way to see if you need to re-cast without
> waiting before you start taking damage?

A good question, and there doesn't seem to be a way... I don't know of
any mods that do this either. (Also, doesn't the shield just wear off
after the damage is absorbed? I don't remember...) I don't see much
use for mana shield except in very dire situations when you need to get
away fast (in combination with blink)... I wouldn't use it when going
into battle- only when trying to get away. If you invest in the arcane
tree you can eventually decrease the amount of mana per damage drained,
but it still only serves as an escape hatch- not a combat buff- in my

> As stated I have picked the fire tree but am not sure about the other 2
> trees and which one is better
> I cant afford re-speccing, so any adivce would be most appreciated.

At the early levels very many mages invest points in fire, so you don't
necessarily have to respec regardless of your ultimate build. I've
chosen Arcane/Fire (front-loading the fire, as mentioned) because I've
heard it's best suited to PvP... and I want to get some Battlegrounds
in once I get to 40.

Here are my currently invested points so far, at level 34:

Fire Talents (20 points)
# Improved Fireball - 5/5 points
# Impact - 5/5 points
# Ignite - 5/5 points
# Flame Throwing - 2/2 points
# Pyroblast - 1/1 points
# Incinerate - 2/2 points

Arcane Talents (5 points)
# Improved Arcane Missiles - 5/5 points