Re: Druid and gear..

>> Why didnt they make a druid feral set 2 :(
> That's something I ask myself all the time.

Actually, the pvp Druid set is supposed to be feral, but it sucks. I've
got much better stuff already.

>> How the hell am I supposed to argue with a rogue over a +sta +agi epic ??
> You can't.

And you shouldn't. Agility doesn't do dick for us. You should be
looking for Stamina, Strength, Attack Power, Crit %, Dodge % and
+Defense. If you get Agility in there, it's not a big deal. Just keep
in mind that, for a feral druid 3 agi = 1 str.

Hell, I've got 2.5 sets of gear. Healer gear, obvioulsy. I also have MT
gear, which heavily favors Stamina, Dodge & Defense, and 6 pieces of
equipment I switch in for MA and soloing, which heavily favors Str,
Attack Power and Crit %.

>> BTW the druid is lvl 57.
> 58 :-p

Level 60. Since early March.