Re: Note to self...stop neglecting professions.

"Christian Stauffer" <wildcard666@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> "Tim" <tim@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > WHINE!
> Where did he whine? Or are you just talkin out of your ass?
> > Its not pointless "grinding" and "farming".
> Who are you to decide whats pointless for him and what's not?
> > You get items and experience faster than questing!
> So what? Did anyone write something else? Or what point are you
> trying to make?
> Chris
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What utter rubbish, Questing is the fastest way to level. I have 3 lev 60`s
and Grinding helps - But if you expect to hit level 60 from grinding alone,
then we will see your level 60 in a years time, not only that, killing
10,000 mobs will drive you bonkers.

When u quest you not only get the xp from dropping mobs, you get larger xp
amounts from the handin rewarded (obvious really)

Besides, for most people incl my self it is totally boring grinding
(although I do it my self when need be).