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I ripped it to my YouTube account

Not really any spoilers that I can see, but take heed anyway
Halo review 9.3

Halo Reach Red Carpet Trailer

I saw the review at IGN earlier, and it was a 9.5. While seeing that MP
be tweaked (firefight mode matchmaking, yah!, etc) and there are
offerings in MP, which may appeal me and also make it possibly fresh
But, I somehow feel I am not going to like the campaign too much and I am
hoping I am wrong. Stories in games are important to me. Considering
the series through 3 (I skipped ODST). I feel like I already know what's
going to happen, and the first Halo already told that story and hopefully
the gameplay will offset that. I read where they tweaked the difficulty
campaign coop mode too, where the more coop players there are, the game
scales to the enemies being more difficult. Playing Halo 3 on legendary
4 players made it a snap.

You should consider playing ODST. True, it is short, but I really like
how they told the story. It's going for $27.99 on Amazon. It's worth

I believe you too, but I cannot get past the Halo 3 name on it and I was
sorely disappointed with it. Nearly all of my online buddies say I would
like it. But since the firefight mode has no matchmaking in it, I don't see
the value of just going through the campaign.. Maybe in the future I will
get it, but I think I'll be happy with Reach for now, it definitely looks

One of the beg negatives about Reach, for me at least, is that's there's still no matchmaking
for customs.  There are a bunch of very fun but narrowly focused customs variants that'd
be greatly improved if matchmaking were available.  People spend so much time and effort
making wonderful maps and fun game types, but then no one but their friends ever experiences

There are leagues built up around some of the more popular customs, but with that you end up playing
the same people endlessl and it gets boring.

At least Firefight has matchmaking this time.

No matchmaking did make me shelf ODST , it's to bad because It was a
fun co-op mode with long matches .

The host would drop out right at a pivotal point in the match when you
were about to get certain achievements , some of which take hours to
get .

If they could release some sort of a patch to include match making for
some of the custom maps , I think it would be one of those games that
still are played 5 years from now maybe longer.

Some of the crazy maps I've seen already like custom racing maps ,
just blow my mind.