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Dead Rising Case Zero will be out , only hours from now, anyone else
excited to check it out?

It's only 400 msp I have exactly 400 left and I'm gonna give it a

Tough call for me. On one hand, Dead Rising 2 is one of my top most-
anticipated upcoming games for 2010.  On the other hand, this really
sounds like having to pay for a demo.  I know they don't call it a
demo, it's a "prologue mission," but I bet it looks, walks and quacks
like a demo.  I think it should be free, and really don't want to see
400 MSP for demos become the new trend.

From what I've read about it, it's not a demo in the traditional
sense. In a way, it serves the same purpose as a demo, which is to
give you a taste of what the graphics, gameplay, etc. are like, but it
offers up a scenario that is not in the game proper so you're not
playing something that you'll just have to play again when you
actually buy the game later.

If I interpreted a description I read correctly, whatever you earn in
the prologue as far as money and experience are concerned will
actually carry over into the retail game so technically you'll be at
an advantage compared to just playing a standard demo.

What I mean is this: if you play a regular demo, you maybe earn
experience, achievements and money for playing through that scenario,
but when you get the game you either play through the same scenario
and don't earn additional resources from that since you already earned
them, or you just start after the scenario in the demo.

On the other hand, with this you'll play through a scene that's not in
the actual game, earn stuff for doing that, and then get to play
through the whole game and earn coinage and experience that way as
well. It's like having a bonus level with all the advantages of being
able to do more to earn stuff.

I read up on it and clearly it has legitimate in-game value. You can
advance up to level 5, and collect cards that grant additional XP
bonus in the full game.  Also collect plenty of cash, and unlock some
exclusive outfits.  If it's anything like the first Dead Rising,
starting out level 5 will be extremely helpful in the full game.

But I'm still resistant that now they want me to start buying DLC
before I even have the game.  That they made it an undeniable
advantage to buy this product, and start at level 5, just irks me
more.  For a pre-order bonus I got a lousy Ninja suit, and now they
release a far superior bonus, but they want five bucks for it.

The whole idea of paid pre-release DLC just seems cart-before-the-
horse to me, and like Capcom is grasping relentlessly for every dime
from this game.  It's like a five dollar tax assessment to offset
Bionic Commando and Dark Void.  If they had originally advertised Dead
Rising 2 for $59.95, and "Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Edition" with DLC
code for $64.95, I would have been more willing to pay up.  This feels
more like a high-pressure Capcom telemarketer called me at dinner
time, maybe what s/he is selling is a fine product, but even so I'm
reluctant to reward their approach.

There is a "free demo" version of Case Zero,it's not the full game
with achievements

Very interesting...

This implies to me that Case Zero is far from just a demo even in
terms of size.