Re: OT: PS3 gaining STEAM? literally and figuratively

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>> Wow, now that I really watched that video, go to about 9:15 in the >> video
>> and
>> continue watching where the Asian guy is demonstrating two wands >> moving a
>> machine gun on screen. The input lag is horrendous.

> You have something wrong with your perceptions. The only wand moving
> the gun is the right hand one. The demonstration he is making is
> putting a tracker on the target with the left navigation controller. I
> know it will be almost impossible, but try watching and listening this
> time. Only the green cross hair is the gun aiming and it is only with
> the right controller.

Oh please! I can see what the reaction times are like. Yes, I am talking
about the Move in the right hand and even when moving the cursor, you see
lag between the wand movement, then reaction of the onscreen action. But the
gun movement is telling, it is downright awful. Look at the time frames I
mentioned, you can clearly see him moving the Move, then the gun moves in
delay.. If you're actually going to try and downplay what is actually seen
in that video to mean something else. . Seriously, a regular controller
doesn't act like that, so I cannot even imagine the Move taking on m&k in MP
matches if the lag times really occur like that.

I think I see what you're talking about. The small motions seem to be
fine, but those big sweeping motions the Asian guy makes reveal quite
a bit of lag in the crosshair's motion.

I don't know if it's really lag, though. It seems more like the
crosshairs aren't able to move faster than a particular speed so even
if you whip the Move around like a dervish, the crosshairs will only
move that max speed.

Yea, I even made that exception in my post to Smitzor regarding possible TV aspect, which would be very unlikely, or that the game is is poorly voded to use the motion control parameters.