Re: OT: Wii sales reallt slipping

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For weeks now, the Wii has been 3rd place in sales to the 360 and the PS3,
even with the price drop, it didn't have the effect that the PS3 and the 360
had with their updated models and pricing configurations have had. Consider
that as the newer 360 and PS3 models are far more expensive now compared to
the lower priced Wii, perhaps suggesting that it is hitting a real
saturation rate now, or the casual console gamer maxed out.. Still though,
selling nearly 150K a week for the Wii isn't shabby. The 360 (except for
Japan) has been the top seller among consoles in the Americas and Europe
since the release of the 360 Slim, outselling even the PS3 by nearly
100K/week in the two regions.. Now, it could be the reduced price of the
Arcades by $50 have increased sales, but they have not dropped off since the
release of the Slim.

the Wii in 3rd place? is this the end of the world?

I never thought I'd see the Wii in 3rd place consistently, maybe the
rest of society is catching on that "the other consoles" are also
pretty good

I think it's more about the combination of the right price point and a
seemingly more stable build for the Xbox 360 specifically. It's
doubtful that people who weren't already part of the core gaming scene
are jumping over to the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 from the Wii.
Rather, there are lots of people who even this far into the generation
hadn't yet come over from the previous generation who may now be
enticed thanks to the more affordable costs.

Everyone knew that at some point Wii sales would drop off
significantly even as the other two consoles continued to succeed
simply based on the fact that there's only so many people who weren't
playing console games before who would consider it.