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> > > > Lookin' good.

> > > Looking pretty good but not quite the 5 plus YEAR OMG AAA THREAT > > > that
> > > is going to show the WORLD just what the 360 is actually capable of
> > > title!

> > I liken Alan Wake to Heavy Rain in that it will have a lot of the
> > diehards praising the creativity, the originality, etc., but Joe > > Gamer
> > won't give two shits.

> I've read/watched two reviews comparing it to Uncharted 1 -- looks
> good in parts but lacks polish.

If someone told me that the game compares to Uncharted, I would get
the impression that it's a brilliant, beautiful gaming experience that
ranks up there as one of the best of the generation.

The only fault I found with Uncharted was the turn of events towards
the end with the somewhat supernatural theme, but that's not really
too big an issue. I didn't have a problem with the length of the
campaign, but Uncharted 2 increased that.

> It's creativity is a bit "hit & miss"
> -- aspects specifically criticized in the reviews;
> - some of the dialogue is stomach-churning;
> - the characters don't come across as believable;

> I guess this what happens when you sit on script for 5 years while
> gaming attitudes change.

> Unless I find it real cheap, I'm going to delay my purchase for 3-4
> months.

It's definitely not a "must buy at launch" game for me. I have enough
games on my queue to keep me busy. However, if a ton of good reviews
come out and if a bunch of people whose opinions I trust say that it's
an incredible gaming experience, I may get it earlier than later.

Nothing about it screams "must have right now" to me, though. Maybe a
demo would change my mind.- Hide quoted text -

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Definitely a rental.
Quite a few sites gave it below an 8/80 and I saw more than one review
below 7.
This is one of those aquired taste games that has nice pacing and good
controls but nothing that really stands out.
I think it's disappointing and I am starting to wonder if MS has
anything at all left in the gas tank that is new and compelling.
They need new hardware but most of all pulblishers and devs to make
new IP's that are worth playing and not just rentals. Especially ones
that don't take 5 plus years to make.

Wow, Boody doesn't like a Xbox game, what is the chances of that? My guess
is 100%.