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Lookin' good.

Looking pretty good but not quite the 5 plus YEAR OMG AAA THREAT that
is going to show the WORLD just what the 360 is actually capable of

I liken Alan Wake to Heavy Rain in that it will have a lot of the
diehards praising the creativity, the originality, etc., but Joe Gamer
won't give two shits.

I've read/watched two reviews comparing it to Uncharted 1 -- looks
good in parts but lacks polish.

If someone told me that the game compares to Uncharted, I would get
the impression that it's a brilliant, beautiful gaming experience that
ranks up there as one of the best of the generation.

The only fault I found with Uncharted was the turn of events towards
the end with the somewhat supernatural theme, but that's not really
too big an issue. I didn't have a problem with the length of the
campaign, but Uncharted 2 increased that.

It's creativity is a bit "hit & miss"
-- aspects specifically criticized in the reviews;
- some of the dialogue is stomach-churning;
- the characters don't come across as believable;

I guess this what happens when you sit on script for 5 years while
gaming attitudes change.

Unless I find it real cheap, I'm going to delay my purchase for 3-4

It's definitely not a "must buy at launch" game for me. I have enough
games on my queue to keep me busy. However, if a ton of good reviews
come out and if a bunch of people whose opinions I trust say that it's
an incredible gaming experience, I may get it earlier than later.

Nothing about it screams "must have right now" to me, though. Maybe a
demo would change my mind.