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Anyway, back on topic...

I'm a little disappointed that the game won't be a "Vietnam War game"
like the earlier Call of Duty titles were "World War II games.."

Yeah, you and me both. I'm starting to believe that I'll never play a
decent Vietnam War FPS. Men of Valor probably came close (I liked the
idea that you fought in real battles but the game was mostly "meh".) I
hope DICE try to fill this void by doing a sequel to Battlefield
Vietnam -- I didn't play it, but from what I remember reviews were
generally positive.

Black Ops just doesn't evoke a sense of a period piece game.

They should have named it COW: Not quite Modern Warfare. But I can
almost get a sense of their thinking:

"Oh, we _must_ do a snow level"

"Yeah, definitely got to do a snow level"

"Bad Company 2 did a snow level"

"Well, that settles it then, we're doing a snow level"

I wonder why they couldn't just do a Vietnam
War game since tons of gamers are clamoring for that and no one's
really been able to make a truly killer Vietnam War game yet.

The answer is that developers are under a misguided belief that gamers
want varied gameplay locations for FPS (mostly to facilitate a variety
of multiplayer maps), as supposedly proven by MW2 and BC2.

They were also apprehensive about returning to exclusively to the
jungle because CoW5 flopped, although that may be more attributable to
the fact gamers are bored shitless of WWII shooters. As Pachter once
said: "WWII games have lasted longer than the real thing".

Misguided belief?  Not quite- I'll take a fair amount of variety in
locations over trudging through the same environment ad nauseum.

Well, the compromise is a diluted storyline and brevity of games
evidenced by MW2 and BC2 . For gamers who are less interested on the
MP side of the game that's a lot.  

Speaking as one of those gamers, I think you've presented a mistaken
dichotomy.  Variety in environments doesn't necessarily mean a diluted
storyline or short game (the original Halo, Call of Duty 2, and Just
Cause 2 all have strong single player modes, while having good variety
in locations); the games you mentioned above would've probably had
about the same depth and length of gameplay in their single player
modes if they had stuck to the same environment.  If I'm not mistaken,
the Army of Two sequel stuck with the same environment, and was STILL
apparently a fairly short game, according to a number of reviews.
Short, of course, is a relative term, but if it comes down between a
short game with no variety and a short game with variety, guess which
one I'd take?  In some cases, a game that's not particularly long can
feel more substantial if there's enough well-paced variety in
locations, like Timeshift.  I will grant that a game like Half-Life 2
might not have been as effective if it had thrown in more variety in
locations at the expense of its atmosphere, but then again, Half-Life
2 is more the exception to the rule.

Call of Duty games have had plenty of variety in environments in a
specific title, even in the World War II based ones. There's the
mentality that you're playing the same thing over and over again
because you know the setting is still World War II, but the individual
stages in many of the games felt different enough that it would be
tough to say one was stuck in the same environment all the time.

A Vietnam War era game could have a decent variety of level
environments. Just think back to films based on that war. Even just
focusing on the more "modern" films like Platoon, Hamburger Hill, Good
Morning Vietnam, Casualties of War, and Full Metal Jacket, there were
plenty of different locations that had unique looks. Two of my
favorite films of all time are Platoon and Full Metal Jacket, and if I
somehow didn't know they took place in the same war, I would never
have guessed with how different the locations were.

I have no doubt that a Vietnam War game could have enough variety if
done right.  The thing is that it takes a lot of TLC and inspiration
to make an FPS where a persistent environment doesn't grow tiresome.
Half-Life 2/Orange Box succeeded, but think about how many things went
right with that game- lighting, a general setting and level
progression with enough innate variety to keep things fresh, while
maintaining a consistent atmosphere, and a story that is actually very
engaging on a personal level.  Hell, HL2 managed to hit these items
better, IMO, than a game that came after 3 more years of technological
advancement (Modern Warfare).  I see it as the exception to the rule,
and as a result, most FPS games need to hit a rather general, almost
academic checklist for me to enjoy them at a similar level.
Environmental variety happens to be one of those bullet points, and
level progression is a related one as well.

A game based on Apocalypse Now would be kind of cool, but I think by
its very nature, an FPS/TPS version would completely miss what made
the movie awesome.  I think Far Cry 2 tried to tap into that type of
feel, but unfortunately fell flat.

I see where you're coming from, but ultimately I would focus more on
the atmosphere in a game set during the Vietnam War than the variety
of the environments. If the developers were able to capture the kind
of tension the soldiers in Vietnam had to go through where there could
be booby traps anywhere in the incredibly dense jungle, where at any
point a troop of Viet Cong combatants could pop out of the ground
around you, etc., I'd be a happy camper.

Unfortunately, the jury will be out on whether single player gamers
get shafted again in terms of bang for the buck with Black Ops until
the review embargo lifts.

I would had no problem with a COD
game set exclusively in Vietnam if it was historically accurate and
had enough mission variety.