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I was playing a pretty long session of BFBC2 back to back two
straight and I system locked up on me. I mean it froze solid. =
rebooted it and BLAAAAM RROD. I tried the usual things like
discontecting my hard drive, unplugging all the wires, etc.
works. Restarted it 5 times and BLAAAAAM RROD!

Can someone shoot me how you go about warranty issues online s=
o I
don't have to call them and be on the phone forever. Oh BTW
before you start your belly aching and crying foul, I took ple=
pictures if you start running your mouth. Good thing I have
from that WalMart deal. One still in the box.

I just texted the picture to my wife and friends. None of them =
believe it. LOL! My wife said it figures after she was just
complaining how loud it was the other night. What a POS this
is. So much for the Elite being RROD proof. I own two of them a=
failed. Now let's see how long it takes before the Jasper fails=

Are either of the two Elites jaspers, and if they weren't how old
In any case, that's just a bummer.- Hide quoted text -

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No both of my elite's are falcon motherboard. I have 3 Jasper units
but none of them have seen any real action. Until now. With my luck
the Jasper will fail as well. 1 thing is for certain. The Jasper un=
is 3x quieter than my Elite units with the falcon.

For sure. My Jasper unit is ultra quiet when running games off the
hard drive. Still fairly loud with a disc spinning inside, but it's
actually not as bad as my PS3 with the fan kicked in.

My DVD drive is very quiet at any time, even the unit I had before I
this Jasper had a very quiet drive.

Define quiet. :-)

There's a distinct difference in volume between my 360 running a game
off the hard drive and my 360 running a game off a disc.

It's not like the 360 is blasting away the windows, but it's
definitely noticeable if you're in the same room.

The PS3, though, is *really* loud when the fan kicks in. It's about
halfway to the volume of a hand vac.

Well, this Jasper unit is very quiet as was the refurb before that. Unles=
s I
was right next to it, I couldn't hear it. Even my wife made comments abou=
it when she complained about the noise of the others before it. And yes, =
was quiet playing from the disc as well, even when I wasn't able to play
from the HDD (before the update). Here's the interesting part, the first
unit I bought was a jet engine in a small encasing. When I had my first o=
replaced about 10 months later, that one was really quiet. The second ref=
was noticeable, the third was quiet before it died (yet again), had that =
repaired, sold it after I bought the Jasper.

Consider yourself blessed. :-)

I had to reinstall a game just to earn one last achievement over the
course of about a half-hour of game play because I couldn't stand even
the mediocre amount of noise coming from the disc drive.

I didn't have a problem with it before the hard drive install
capability, but now that I'm used to the absolute quiet, I can't go

I'm a little nervous about using my PlayStation 3 too much these days,
though, because that jet engine noise from the fan really concerned me.

If the PS3 is out of warranty, i think i have seen places online who sell
replacement fans for the PS3 that are ball bearing and untra silent. Ill try
to locate the source and post a URL for you.

I think I still have a couple weeks of the really crappy warranty that
Sony provided after they repaired the unit.

It's getting really annoying, though. I was playing a bit of GTA IV
and God of War III last night and the fan kept kicking in. Each time,
it would stay on for about ten minutes, and I couldn't turn up the
volume because it was pretty late and everyone else was asleep. This
time, even with the PS3 vertical, it happened. I mean, I know it's
getting warm, but should a console really overheat this damn quickly?

My nephew was complaining about the PS3 Slim's overheating issues. He
just got it last Friday, and it has overheated (I believe he had to
shut it down) dozens of times. He's happy to have one, of course -
he's wanted one for about two years now - but he's a bit annoyed at
not being able to play for very long before he has to turn it off to
let it cool down.

And in both cases, the consoles are way out in the open with nothing
around them to trap heat (other than the floor, I suppose).