Re: I have something for you all I find humorous (RROD hit me yet again!)

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news:abe4f906-264b-467d-8e6b-162f3ff5a5aa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>Iwasplayinga pretty long session of BFBC2 back to back two days
straight and I system locked up on me. I mean it froze solid. So I
rebooted it and BLAAAAM RROD. I tried the usual things like
discontecting my hard drive, unplugging all the wires, etc. Nothing
works. Restarted it 5 times and BLAAAAAM RROD!

Can someone shoot me how you go about warranty issues online so I
don't have to call them and be on the phone forever. Oh BTW Johan,
before you start your belly aching and crying foul, I took plenty of
pictures if you start running your mouth. Good thing I have spares
from that WalMart deal. One still in the box.

serious question:

how many hours a day do you spend gaming?  I haven't RRoDed in a couple
years now, but have pretty much cut my time down to the occasional marathon

I go through hot and cold streaks.
When I'm hot I will log roughly 50 to 80 hours per week or higher.

Holy Jesus. I could use you as my "it could be worse" with my
wife. :-)

My main system gets a lot of play time between me and my son. He goes
hot and cold how much he games as well. He has a setup in his room he
hits pretty heavy but he prefers to game in our main gaming room. We
have been thourhg over 10 repairs and as many as 13. I stopped
counting after 10.

Yeah, sure you own 10 Xbox 360s.


Sorry. I think arguing with Jonah all the time has infected me with

I do use him as "it could be worse" with my wife.  I scan my Xbox and
PS3 when she gives me the look (even though I am playing on a Bravia
that is separate from the Sony we watch TV on in our living room) and
I say, "Boody is still playing"?  She usually responds with, "Who the
hell is Boodybandit?" but by then I have already distracted her with
useless info.


I need to get BoodyBandit's gamertag attached to my account, then.

I have a few friends on Live, and my wife has a colleague on Live -
apparently, they all spend *TONS* of time gaming except when I'm
actually logged on.