Re: Hope you didn't buy a launch PS3

In article <tdGdnWqrwLu7fhPWnZ2dnUVZ_jMAAAAA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Doug Jacobs <djacobs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
GMAN <Winniethepooh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I just meant that what happened to the PS3 for 1 day is mild compared to a
whole week of up and down servers and years of RROD crap.

I'll agree with that, but honestly, the miscalculated leap-year bug should
have never gotten released.

Furthermore, Sony knew about this problem since the Zune uses the same
chip yet didn't release a patch earlier.

So by your logic Microsoft knew about the bug in the zune????
They ignored it and look how many 30GB zunes were completely bricked.

Well they have 2 or 4 years to fix it.