Re: EA's "Project 10 Dollars"

On Feb 25, 3:47 am, Sean Black <s...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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BakaMatt <mlern...@xxxxxxxxx> writes>> I might just unplug my 360 from the net and see what happens when I try
to play DA, I certainly don't recall anything on the box saying an
internet connection was required, like I said, I wouldn't have even
bought it, if it had.
Sean Black

If your save file has any DLC content in use, it requires
authentication to use it - at least it does on the PC version. You can
play the game, but you can't touch anything using DLC.

Which I completely understand. The thing is, it wouldn't let me get into
the game *at all* not even to the menu screen proper, so I could start a
new game or anything. Besides, at the time, I had no DLC installed, I'd
redeemed the code that came in the box, but for some reason, although it
came up as "purchased" it wouldn't let me download it.

It sounds like you redeemed the code but didn't actually download the
content to your console. I'm able to access all of the downloads just
fine even when I'm not connected.

Sean Black