Re: Mass Effect 2 - Everything Dragon Age could have been... BUT!

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Still really just getting started with Mass Effect 2 and I really only
have one beef...

It has the same screwed up "Bonus Content" system that Dragon Age had
with one major point against it from the beginning.

Like Dragon Age you can't download bonus content through Xbox Live.
You first have to connect to Live, sign up for an EA account then log
into the EA account from the Mass Effect 2 bonus menu.

OK, same pattern as Dragon Age... now you can download bonus content,

Um, no, not really. See there's this OTHER activation code you have to
put in first, that grants you access to the downloadable content. It's
a one-time use code. But what about people who buy the game used?
Yeah, that's the bad part. They will have to either live without DLC
OR... EA will naturally sell them access to the ability to buy DLC.

Yes. You read that right. If you buy a copy of the game that has
already had  the "Cerberus Network Activation Code" activated then you
have to pay more money to access the DLC that you will be paying for

To make matters MORE confusing, if you buy the collectors edition you
get a special sniper rifle... This you can't download even with the
above method. First you have to go to EA's
to redeem the code on the card, then you can fire up the game and get
the item...

Will someone please restore some sanity to EA? Thanks!

- Jordan

Unfortunately, it looks like EA is finally living up to its reputation
as the Evil Empire.  Past gripes about EA were mostly subjective- i.e.
whether the quality of Madden was stagnant due to NFL exclusivity,
etc.  But this nickel and dime shit has been creeping forward with
them, and now has hit critical mass (Effect).  The questions here are:
a. whether this day one DLC was content that was originally in the
game, but removed after completion to squeeze more $ out of us, and b.
whether the Cerberus activation fee also lets the used game purchaser
get the day 1 DLC for free, as that would make it at least a little
less onerous.

Despite my misgivings about supporting this, I gave in and got Mass
Effect 2, thanks to the great reviews.  I've only played a little of
it, but seems good so far- hearing that classic, sci-fi ambient score
and seeing the sleek, colorful look of the game brought back good
memories of the first game.  Instead of going into this looking for a
deep RPG, I'm going to view this more as an epic 3rd person shooter,
with multiple RPG elements- I figure that way I won't be
disappointed.  I think reading too many reviews and user criticisms in
my time has unfortunately jaded me too much, and made me forget how to
just enjoy a game as it unfolds, instead of checking how much playtime
I'm getting out of a game, or verifying some bullet-point list of what
the game needs for me to not be "disappointed".

I think people are a little too paranoid that every little bit of DLC
was ripped out of the game in order to be sold at a separate price.