Re: PSU shuttered for PC, PS2 - continues for 360

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> This ought to give Blig Merk an infarction. Remember when he said that > it
> would never work on Xbox, etc?

Your modus operandi is perfectly clear here. But, who plays that game
anymore. It's more that it is a waste of money for Sega for lack of player
participation than anything else. You really need to get a life.

How do you know there is a lack of player participation? Just because
your Friends aren't playing it anymore doesn't mean it's not popular
anymore. I still play the open multiplayer beta 3 years after it was
released and am always running into new people to hang out with. What
hurts it's popularity on the PC and to a lesser extent the ps2 is the
popularity of subscription-based World of Warcraft and the dozens of
free-play mmo's that have popped up over the last few years to compete
with WoW.

IOWs, barely anyone plays it anymore, you just about said so yourself. It's not worth Sega's money and time for anyone to play it anymore since it's lost most participation and why should they fork out their own money for it. It's still available on XBL because people still pay for the gold subscription to use it.