Re: OXM gives Mass Effect 2 a 9.5

On Jan 18, 5:08 pm, "Jonah Falcon" <jonahny...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
They love the characters, the byplay, the backstories. They think the main
story is weaker than the first game's due to being a middle chapter of a
trilogy. They love the combat.

Yeah great article....

"The texture pop-in that marred Mass Effect is GONE, but you'll have
to swap between discs even with HDD install"

I'm kinda sad about the "less items" in the game you won't find lots
of items from dead corpses like the 1st game so that helps with
inventory management.

They said in the interview "You can finish the game with just 2-3
weapons of each type."

"The gleam of finding entirely new kick-ass armor is entirely absent"

So I guess that Dragon Armor won't be a throwaway as soon as you find
something better ..I guess in a way that's great , but it does remove
the loot-find factor in the game.

Gone is the MAKO I'll miss you warthoggy-ish pal, now we get a insta-
drops onto planets right where the good stuff is at and no searching

I guess that;s good to , but I liked the MAKO trips if only the
planets weren't so barren. Now you insta-drop in the kodiak shuttle
which you don't even pilot, its a canned cutscene everytime you land
on a planet ..BOOO!!!!

"Sadly combing planets for rare minerals isnt just tedious its plain
out boring"

Ugh MAKO reborn ..oh well

I also like the little mini touches like the fish tank in your
personal cabin where you can buy aquatic buddies , but forget to feed
them and come back from a long mission and you'll see the belly

It's a great read lots of good info it sounds like the story is great
they also mention the side development stories with your chosen squad
is almost deeper and more complex than the main storyline , that's
rare and good in a way I guess.

Depends on the ending since there's obviously more than one, they did
mention in the 9.5 score box "Main story is a bit disappointing"

Can't wait to play it