Re: There's no need for a new Xbox, says Microsoft

The alMIGHTY N wrote:

And you seem to put a lot of emphasis on what you personally prefer
over to what sells,
No, I put a lot of emphasis on what had influenced or changed the
industry as opposed to what sells well. Or what displays innovation or
deep game play.

Examples of such games in the past, say, five years...?

Can you give examples on any platform for the past 5 years? The only thing I can possibly think of is the cover system in GoW, apart from that we seem to be toggling along with stuff from the last decade.

> which is ultimately what drives the industry and

what killed off PC gaming long ago. Of course Halo was nothing
special as an FPS when it came out, but ultimately it's the reason why
you can't "lean".
Immaterial and the industry disagrees with you. ME1 was a console port,
ME2 is joint developed, simple as.

Mass Effect was most certainly not a console port. The game was
developed by BioWare for the Xbox 360 and then ported to the PC by
another development house.

You say that it wasn't a port. But then you immediately say that it was ported.

I think the more appropriate scenario is that PC-only gamers don't see
very many core exclusives gracing their platform of choice... and of
the few that do call the PC their only home, most are hardly
memorable. Crysis and Spore are two examples of exclusives that were
supposed to be major entries in the PC gaming world and ended up doing
little more than collecting dust on retail shelves.

You have to take into consideration that most PC exclusives just wouldn't run on a console either due to it's lower hardware specs or more restrictive controller. As for Crysis and Spor, Crysis speced its self out of the market and Spore, well, just wasn't that good.