Re: BioWare: Mass Effect 2 our best game ever

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BioWare is touting that Mass Effect 2 is the best game they've ever
produced, which is pretty strong words coming from a developer who made
Baldur's Gate, Knights of the Old Republic and the recent Dragon Age:

Do you honestly expect them to say anything else?

No shit BigN!
ummm here at Bioware we are satisified with ME2 but we really could
have and should have done more. *rolls-eyes*

Turn 10 - Forza is the DEFINITIVE end all to be ALL! (Fantastic racer
but deinfitive at nothing!)
Infinity Ward - MW2 will be the best ever! (<- 2nd most glitch ridden
game made this generation)
Epic - Gears of War 2 is Bigger, Better and more Badass! (<- turned
out to be complete GARBAGE and arguably the most glitch ridden game
this gen if not tied for first with the original!)
EA - Every year Madden will be yadda yadda. (What ever)

Same shit different day. Wake me when it gets here because the first
one could have used 6 to 9 months (a sad trend with MS exclusives) of
polish before being released.

One could hope that BioWare learned their lesson with the sequel...
especially since they developed it under the auspices of Electronic
Arts, who aren't going to be as willing to release a half-finished