Re: January games - which ones are you getting?

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>> > Poll at going on -- which games are you getting in
>> > January?

>> > Which game are you excited for in January?

>> > Army of Two: The 40th Day
>> > Bayonetta
>> > Dark Void
>> > MAG
>> > Mass Effect 2
>> > No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

>> Bayonetta
>> Mass Effect 2 (PC)

> Mass Effect 2, at some point- I have Dragon Age to make a dent in
> first. Maybe Bayonetta, if I read enough good reviews. Too many
> games that I have, which I still need to bleed dry. Still stuck on
> Disc 2 of Lost Odyssey, just got a new party member in Star Ocean 4,
> and the best members of my party are caught on a ghost ship in Tales
> of Symphonia, with only the 2nd tier guys left to save them. As it
> stands, my RPGs need some serious attention. I'm guessing Mass Effect
> 2 will be easier to beat than those ones, though, as the first one
> wasn't really hard. Great atmosphere, though, so at some point I'll
> need to check out ME 2. Of course, Just Cause 2, God of War 3, and
> Final Fantasy 13 all drop in March, with Red Dead Redemption following
> in April, and Alpha Protocol sometime in the next half year. FF13
> might have to wait for the others, as it stands.

I am stoked for ME2, but I am getting it for PC, much more customization
there as well. Bayonetta I have to admit I am kind of excited for, after
playing the demo, it is over the top to say the elast, but ti has some nifty
move and the graphics look sweet.

Anyway, you'll love DA:O, I don't know what console you'll get it for, but
from what I've read, it looks better on the PS3. Everything about DA I would
give really high grades except for graphics. Even on the PC, the graphics
are just OK and I hear they look not too great on the 360. The characters
look awesome on the PC version, but the general surroundings look about a
little better than Fable 2 did on the 360, which isn't a bad thing. The
voice-overs, music, and character development along with their personalities
are top-notch. Even the lip-voice synch is nearly spot-on with decent facial
expressions. Be prepared for a long game though.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Mass Effect 2 for your PC?
Turn in your RROD/E74 machine RIGHT NOW DAMN YOU!

LOL, you know, <fingers crossed>, this Arcade unit I bought last December has been one rock solid unit, but I got it solely because I knew it had the Jasper MOBO; sad isn't it?

I know I've mentioned here quite a few times over the past year that I was deciding on getting a high end gaming rig, so when I finally broke down and spent 4k building my own rig, I did this with goal of playing all RPGs, RTS' on it, and you know better than anyone here that I am an RPG freak. I am leaving the 360 for shooters only. Maybe next gen, the graphics and customization will be better and I will switch back, but I am loving my gaming rig bigtime.

I have admit, I'm fairly stoked on getting Bayonetta and I haven't been this exciting for a hack-n-slash game since Ninja Gaiden on the og Xbox. There hasn't been one demo on the 360 for this genre that got me into actually wanting to buy the game.

I'm getting Mass Effect 2 for my son (not into RPG's) and I am renting
Bayonetta <- that is the only game this month I am remotely into and
I'm not even sure I'm going to rent it.

The game looks to be exciting, I know it means nothing to you, but the first one was awesome outside of the graphical issues. I hope the 360 version isn't the graphical mess the first was.