Re: Online survey hints at 360 version of Home - with Avatars

Jonah Falcon <jonahnynla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Because it's not your mode of navigation. In Home, you have to walk
everywhere. This is just a self-contained room, but it's not someplace you

When you do a group voice chat, you're doing this, just with no visual
context.'s a limited version of IMVU or one of those other avatar chat
programs then. Again, I have to ask...WHY?

Yes, I've seen screenshots of Live in Europe where you and your friends'
avatars can sit on a little virtual couch and watch a sports game on a
reduced-size virtual TV screen. In the right bottom corner is an emotion
interface that looks like something from The Sims, allowing you to make
your avatar do things like jump up and cheer.

I am reminded of the line "Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean
you SHOULD." from Jurassic Park.

We already have text and voice chat. What value add is there with
avatars? They don't look like the person you're talking to, so in this
sense they're no more - or less - useful than just looking at someone's
screen name.

Avatars in games makes sense, if just to break up the monotony of having
everyone's player look the same, just in a different color.

Avatar chat on a game console, however, makes less sense to me. At least
voice/text chat doesn't interfere with what's happening on your screen.
You can be playing a game and chatting with someone else on another game.
That's fine.

But what's functionally better about avatar chat where you just see a
bunch of little dolls standing around in some virtual room or something,
with voice bubbles above their heads? How is this any better than
existing systems for voice/text?

And the avatars-in-the-arcade idea is just silly. What is the point of
this? Ooh. I can make my avatar walk over there to play Pac Man.
marchie-marchie-marchie. Why not instead just do a game lobby type
thing? Have 1 window for IRC-type chat display, plus whatever voice
chattering going on in the background, and separate windows showing who's
in the room, and what they're doing. Hit a button to bring up a menu of
available games to play, or join a queue to take on the winner (ie. Street

3d avatar systems add nothing to these experiences, no new features, are
complicated pieces of code, and also add a lot of network traffic - for
little to no improvement in functionality.

It's not broken. It's...advanced.