Re: Online survey hints at 360 version of Home - with Avatars

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The alMIGHTY N <natle...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

"The latter part of the survey, however, is extremely intriguing, and
an indication that Microsoft may be venturing into a PlayStation Home-
like space in which Avatars can congregate and play retro games on
classic coin-op cabinets"

Then why...

"It?s not really like Home, any more than 1 Vs. 100 is like Home."


Because it's not your mode of navigation. In Home, you have to walk
everywhere. This is just a self-contained room, but it's not someplace you

When you do a group voice chat, you're doing this, just with no visual

I understand that. Why, then, did you call it Home-like in the first
place if it's really not like Home?

And Doug hit the nail right on the head... regardless of how *much* or
*little* like Home it is, the fact that it's clinging to this concept
of avatars hanging around some "virtual space" is just retarded.

1 vs. 100 - I can understand that. The simulation of being at a game
show or being a part of such a game show adds to the experience.

Standing around a virtual arcade just to see a bunch of avatars
crowded around an arcade cabinet? Simply having friends be able to
watch you play, say, Pac-man and being able to comment through voice
chat would be much more like what it was like back in the arcade days.

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