Re: Whats the 360's big Christmas Game???

On Oct 3, 4:59 pm, "Jonah Falcon" <jonahny...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ah, you said "exclusive".

Well, all multiplatform games are 360 exclusives to me:

1. Better online experience, more players
2. Achievements

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I am picking up a new 360 and Wii around christmas to go with my PS3.
My last 360 died awhile back. Anyway PS3 has Uncharted 2 coming out as
its huge exclusive for the holiday season.

What exclusive is the 360 bringing out? ODST is more a glorified
expansion pack and Halo is wearing thin so I know it isn't that.
Seriously..what is the big exclusive this year from microsoft?

I find the online pretty much the same but yeah I want exclusives. I
am getting MW 2 but not sure for which system Dragon Age isn't my
style though.

There's gotta be some good exclusives coming out..its getting near the
holiday season.