Re: What we expect out of the next generation Xbox

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On Jul 14, 10:26 am, The alMIGHTY N <natle...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I think actually developers are going to want the next generation
sooner than you think. Developers aren't going to be able to get much
more out of the current Xbox 360 hardware. Epic and Infinity Ward are
already pushing it with the Gears and COD series.

Sony and developers were able to get by with a broad, diverse library
of games in the previous generation but more and more gamers are
focusing on specific genres to get grittier, more realistic
experiences. At the heart of this is graphics. Now, more than ever,
gamers seem to be locked in on how good a game looks.

Mirror's Edge - so many people immediately pointed out the rather
unsophisticated (at least technically) graphics. Prince of Persia - so
many people immediately pointed out "cartoony" graphics.

Then, look at games that were well-received. BioShock - great
graphics. Modern Warfare - great graphics (in fact, the reason
everyone got so hot about this game in the months leading up was the
amazing graphical effects). Gears of War - great graphics. Killzone -
everyone was talking about the graphics. MGS4 - graphics.

If these games looked more like Mirror's Edge and Prince of Persia but
everything else remained the same about them, guaranteed sales would
have been much less and everyone would be complaining about how this
generation sucks.

Developers are going to soon feel the limitations of at least the Xbox
360 if not the PlayStation 3 as well. They're not going to happy being
handcuffed for another 6 years.

This is an especially important point for MS (and Nintendo too, for
that matter). Right now Nintendo and MS have the advantage. But every
year they wait is another year for Sony to lower its prices, tout the
PS3's technological superiority (and, make no mistake about it, it
does have the most powerful hardware of the current gen consoles), and
gain ground with developers (who could finally give the PS3 the
software to finally utilize that hardware). If MS is still sitting
here 3 years from now telling developers "Hey, a regular DVD drive and
a 8-year-old CPU is good enough," they will be in real trouble
(especially since the PS3 will likely have gotten down to price parity
with the 360 by that point).

An average of 5 years between console generations has been the
standard since the 70's (even through multiple recessions and periods
were there was basically little or no competition on the market). MS
ignores this at their own peril.

I have to agree with this. I think that a lot of gamers aren't going
to have the patience and attention span to be happy with the same
console(s) for 10 years.