Re: 1/2 OT: The latest rumor about the PSP Go <-= slowing turning into another jonah?

On May 1, 8:22 pm, liturgy <> wrote:
On Fri, 1 May 2009 09:52:24 -0700 (PDT), The alMIGHTY N

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On Apr 30, 4:20 pm, liturgy <> wrote:
It's not 1/2 OT in here, it's totally OT.  It is, however, entirely On
Topic over at a.g.v.s-p3 and should've just posted it only there and
not crosspost.

My intent *was* to crosspost and in that case, it is 1/2 OT overall
because it's OT in one forum and not in the other.

Believe it or not, for many readers in both newsgroups, the main focus
is games in general and not so much this console flame war that's
constantly brewing, which is why I felt a potentially informative post
that could actually be useful to gamers in general deserved to be
posted in more than one newsgroup.

Had I found an article about how the Jasper chipset models are still
RRODing, I wouldn't have cross-posted that to the PS3 newsgroup with
or without an OT prefix. Similarly, had I found an article about how
Sony was losing hundreds of millions of dollars on the PS3 brand each
week, I would not have cross-posted that to this newsgroup with or
without an OT prefix.

Point well taken.  Sorry to've suggested that this was something akeen
to what jonah does.  I shouldn't have doled out such an insult like
that to you.

Only the liks of blig & Co. deserve to be lumped in the same pile of
shit as jonah.  Again, my bad.

No worries. At least yours was an understandable mistake. Jonah
calling me a troll - now THAT'S crazy.