Re: GoW2: Here Comes the Banhammer

Steam issued a patch for the PC to defeat the exploits in L4D. They said the 360 patch would come later in a "major update".

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Now they need to do the same for Left 4 Dead survival mode, just look
at the leader boards , I just wanna see the glitches fixed, I don't
care to ban people because the mode is brand new and they;re always
glitches to be found,
so ok we found them now fix them and the leader boards. I worked my
ass off with a great team the other night to get a Gold medal and was
proud of myself and my team only to see the leader boards with people
having over 1,000 minutes in a match by themselves while we barely
made it to 12 minutes , glitch free mind you.

10 minutes earns a gold medal

Other than that I'm loving the hell out ta survival mode , IF YOU get
a decent team. I also found a work around to ALWAYS be the lobby
leader. Just start a private or a friends only match , FOR SOME reason
you can't start a public match right out of the gate you have to start
a friends only match then CREATE LOBBY , then when said lobby gets
created your now lobby leader now just go to change permissions and
make it a PUBLIC match , and there you go,people will join in mere
seconds. And just kick out people without mic's. And if people quit it
won't end your game because your lobby leader. I hated joining matches
where the worst player was the lobby leader who always managed to run
off by themselves and get incapped and bleed out. Then I would just
make best with myself on how long it would take that person to quit
the match which will end the session for everyone. BUT you can vote
out the lobby leader which will NOT end the match.

I still wish you host like RSV2 and no-one can vote you out .