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Jonah Falcon wrote:
The Amiga flopped. Question: where's Commodore now?

Er, you think that just because a company is no longer in business means
that all its products must have been flops? By your logic both the C64 and
the ZX Spectrum and the first 3DFX cards were also flops. Also any game
make by Infograms, Delphine, Bullfrog, pong, Technicolor, beer, wine and
also the wheel. I mean come on, that bloke who invented the wheel, no one
even knows his name now. If it the wheel hadn't flopped then he would have
stated a business that would these days still existed and have more money
than Microsoft and be more influential than god.

You're obviously oblivious to the meaning of the word flop.


flop-verb (used without object)
1. to fall or plump down suddenly, esp. with noise; drop or turn with a
sudden bump or thud (sometimes fol. by down): The puppy flopped down on the
2. to change suddenly, as from one side or party to another (often fol. by
3. to be a complete failure; fail: The play flopped dismally.
4. Informal. to sleep or be lodged: to flop at a friend's house.
5. to swing loosely; bounce; flap: His long hair flops in his eyes when he

In case you're still confused. Flop in the context that you are misusing it
is number three on the above list.

Hope this clears things up for you.

If you really can't see the difference then you're either incredibly stupid
or you're pretending to be incredibly stupid. Which is a reasonably stupid
thing to do. Or you're just trolling again. Either way, it's not looking
good for you.

OK, how do you know which context he's using the word in?

When I read the review (and I was actually around at the time the
amiga flopped), I read it in the context of point 1 on your list. When
Windows - and the Apple/Macintosh - came up with their versions of the
Amiga GUI, the Commodore Amiga did flop, in the sense that it did fall
down suddenly in terms of sales. No one is saying it was a failure.

How we interpret something, such as an article, is always going to be
different to how someone else interprets it and, that might be
completely different again from how the author intended it to be

I think maybe you might just have a chip on your shoulder for some
reason - but that's just my interpretation :)