Re: I had a lovely conversation with a Microsoft customer service rep about my most recent RROD

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Has anyone tried calling the customer service line instead of or in
addition to opening a repair ticket on the website? You should try it
sometime as it's oh so much fun.

Yeah, fun like having your teeth pulled. A couple of years back my 360
stopped being able to output anything to the TV, although the Xbox was
still working. I had a 15 minute circular conversation of an Indian
woman telling me various ways of testing it, followed by asking, "what
is on the screen", with me saying with increasing frustration
"nothing, it is broken, please send me a replacement".

I avoided the whole troubleshooting conversation by telling her
outright that this was the exact same problem with the exact same
symptoms as last time, which was only a month ago.

I wish it had been an RROD as then it would have been a fault their
script could handle.
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