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Things are looking pretty dire for the PS3 right now... This year they
lost 6 of the 11 months so far to the 360, they're behind in sales in
NA by 500,000 units... but check this out.

This is a comparison of year two on the 360 to year two on the PS3:

Xbox 360 2007 PS3 2008
January 294000 269000
February 228000 280800
March 199000 257000
April         174000 187100
May         155000 208700
MGS4! 198400 405500
July         170000 224900
August 276700 185400
HALO3! 527800 232400
October 366000 190000
November 770000 378000
December 1260000

They can't even match sales in the same year of life of the console.
Their year 2 numbers are 540,000 units behind what the 360 did in its
second year. Only 100,000 or so of those are due to the difference in
Halo 3 vs. MGS4.

- Jordan


Yes your right Jordan, the PS3 is lagging in sales in the US...But not

The PS3 has past the total unit sales of the 360 in the Pal regions.
Plus, what took the 360 to sell in 3 years, the PS3 has only taken just
over 2 years to reach simular figures in worldwide totals.

So, I wouldn't say things are dire yet.

I would agree that things are not dire, but sales are not anything close
to being what the previous Playstations were. But the PAL regions are not
ahead and never were. You must be counting in Japan in your figures. The
closest the PS3 got to the 360 in PAL was being about 750K behind
altogether, now it has lost ground again to being behind about 1.3m. If
you count Japan, then yes the PS3 is ahead including the PAL regions, but
Japan, like the USA, is NTSC. Interestingly, the PS3 has fallen to 3rd in
attach rates behind the Wii.

VGChartz may not be extremely accurate but they're not Microsoft,
Nintendo or Sony. According to them, the Xbox 360 is ahead of the
Playstation 3 in PAL territories by several hundred thousand units.

Of course, I include Australia in "PAL territories." Am I incorrect in
thinking they use PAL?

In any case, I'd be wary of anything the President of one of the
manufacturers says unless there's data to back it up. If you have a
link to the data, that could be the deciding factor in this particular

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